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About the Vocational Center

We at Yrkescentrum consist of business development experts and social entrepreneurs in a unique combination. Since 2005, we have been a stable partner of the Swedish Public Employment Service and are constantly growing as a supplier of Rusta and matcha.

Job coaching with the little extra

Our focus is always on our participants in Rusta and matcha. With many years of experience of work integration, we know how we can adapt the coaching so it does the most good for each individual. As a small player, we can offer the personal meeting at all times as our participants receive guidance from us. Should the conditions change, we make sure to adapt the coaching along the way.

We at Yrkescentrum both want and can make life better for people. We take it for granted to come up with new, innovative ideas to help each person get closer to their dream job. Together with employees and entrepreneurs, we work continuously to create a sustainable future.

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