Equip and match

Equip and match - how do you do it?

What really happens when you choose Yrkescentrum as a provider of the Customer Choice service to equip and match? If you are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and have the right to the service Customer selection equip and match – CHROME – we can coach you to education or work. Here you can read about how we coach you from being a job seeker, to finding the right employer.
Welcome to the Vocational Center!
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We start by going through your experiences and knowledge with you. In this way, we map your skills and can help you decide if you need to expand your knowledge or need support in your job search. This is where we agree on how we can equip you to reach the labor market. Maybe you need Rustas with an education to reach your dream profession? Then we can help you find an education that suits your needs.

It may also be that you need the right tools to apply for a job and get ready for your new job. We can help you with good advice on how to write a CV and personal letter, give you tips on how to reach out to companies and give you feedback along the way. When it’s time for an interview, you can practice with us so you’re ready to go.


We at Yrkescentrum have a wide network of contacts and help you make contacts with different employers. If you want help gaining experience from working life, your job coach can help you find an internship. You will then be one step closer to your future job, and gain work experience at the same time.

With us, you get help to gain a foothold in the labor market. When you participate in Rusta and match at Yrkescentrum, you will mainly be Matched with employers within:

  • Administration
  • The construction sector
  • Data / IT
  • Economy
  • Law
  • Cleaning
  • Restaurant
  • Social Work
With us, you will be matched with an employer that fits your competence profile. We always focus on you and make sure to adapt the coaching to your needs.

Extra support

Do you need extra support to get into working life? Then you can get help from our job agent.

The job agent’s task is to network and broaden our network of contacts with potential employers. Through this, our job agent can arrange different types of recruitment activities for you to participate in.

In addition to this, the job agent offers extra support for you who need more help in your job search. With great commitment and expertise, the job agent will be on hand and match you with employers who need your talent.

Tips from the Vocational Center

What tips and advice can you expect when you come to the Vocational Center? You will find the answer below. We have gathered some of our best tips on what you can think of to improve your job search, strengthen your CV and gain a foothold in the job market. Want more tips? Our job coaches are ready to help you and can give you a lot of good advice to get you closer to your goals!

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